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Scholarship for Entrepreneurs

The Richard Zahn Scholarship for Entrepreneurs gives scholarship funding to individuals who are in school and plan to enter into a career in entrepreneurship. Mr. Zahn understands firsthand  the arduous road that student entrepreneurs have awaiting them when it comes to both their academic and their financial responsibilities, and because of this he wants to give back in any ways that he can to our upcoming generation of entrepreneurs.

Who is it for?

The Richard Zahn Scholarship for Entrepreneurs is currently offered to all university students attending school in the United States. Students with the passion to learn to become entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to apply. This scholarship fund is also available to high school students who will be attending a university in the United States and who have the intentions of becoming an entrepreneurship student. Mr. Zahn knows that the monetary burden that is placed on students with many years of academics ahead of them along their journey to becoming entrepreneurs is stressful, and he wants to relieve this stress by awarding a dedicated student with $25,000 towards their tuition.


Richard Zahn

richard zahn

Orlando, Florida Entrepreneur and Real Estate Developer

Richard Zahn first served in the U.S. military, then served as part of the 24th Psyops Airborne CO. In 1997, Richard started to work as CEO of a reputable construction company after leaving the military. Currently, he is a successful developer in Longwood as well as a caring husband, a father, and a grandfather.


Find Out About The Scholarship

Richard Zahn understands from his own first hand experience that there is a hard path ahead for entrepreneurship students. Having over thirty years of success in his own career, he now wants to give back to the next generation of student entrepreneurs using this scholarship fund. Qualified students are highly encouraged to capitalize on this opportunity to earn scholarship funding. To do so, check out our application page to view all of the details on the application process and to enter into our essay contest, which is where we will choose the winner.

Earn Money Towards Your Education

Mr. Zahn knows how the rising costs of education, especially for entrepreneurial schooling, adds an additional strain to students who are studying to become entrepreneurs. He would like to give an opportunity to a star student with a $25,000 scholarship award to help ease this strain. Through this scholarship, Richard’s goal is to raise awareness for the financial struggles of those completing the many years of school on the long journey to a career in entrepreneurship, and to help out one of the future entrepreneurs of America along the way.


Learn More About The Richard Zahn Scholarship

For more information about the Richard Zahn Scholarship for Entrepreneurs or if you have any questions, please reach out by filling out the form on the contact page and we will get back to you right away. To any universities or organizations that are interested in reaching out or are hoping to get involved with the scholarship, we welcome your involvement and would love to see how you can help. We wish the best of luck to all of our student entrepreneurs with the contest and on your journey to a career in entrepreneurship!


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